Solid bag

Solid bag that can hold 5 days 4 nights worth of gear
Just completed the Rim to Rim to Rim hike at the Grand Canyon which is approx 47-50 miles, with side missions, as well as dramatic elevation changes. I lucked out and had dry weather so I can't speak about the rain fly on the bottom of the bag but there is one and it seems to fit over a full bag. I used the 80L bag to carry my supplies over a 5 day 4 night hike and it held it all and with plenty of zippered pockets to add more if necessary.
In the pics my sleeping mat was inside the bag but there are various locations to place a sleeping mat. I brought a sleeping mat that was way too big and heavy but the bag held it just fine. The shoulder straps felt decently comfortable but it could of had a bit more padding and with all the slide buckles I was able to adjust to find a comfortable fit. The bag is adjustable to fit your torso beautifully and the hip belt gives a nice snug fit so the weight sits on your hips nicely. The side pockets can hold a 32oz Nalgene bottle. I used my 3L water blabber and it fit fine with the hose coming over the right shoulder and going through the chest strap to hold it. I liked this bag and was kinda impressed with the durability. No tears, zipperes zipped, and hike completed. In summary it is a solid bag that will do what you need it to do. Just plan right and pack it balanced and it will do the job.
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