50L Internal Frame Backpack

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I bought the backpack for a 4 month SOA trip and it not only fulfilled its purpose, but proved to be super practical! - Back length can be adjusted for perfect wearing comfort - Rain cover can be removed (for cleaning e.g.) - at the bottom there is a separate compartment for shoes/towels etc., at the top also two practical compartments - at the front also a practical compartment - at the side 4 buckles around e.g. Neck support, jacket, shoes etc. - Main compartment again with single buckle - Slip-in buckles always with hole for small travel locks (that didn't even have the expensive Deuter backpacks I had looked at) - in the main compartment a hidden zipper (had stored in it some documents that were not so were important than that I had to have them with me every day, but didn't want them to lie around) - and the best thing I found back home: You can take the backpack apart in 3 parts (upper compartment, carrier, main compartment), remove the back support and wash it in the washing machine! Can recommend this backpack absolutely further, who had to join me so much, absolutely not carefully handled it in the backmost pampa and he has easily survived it!
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