May 08, 2021, France

On Saturday morning, the sun hadn't fully risen yet. I prepared my climbing gear and started today's journey with my backpack. We went all the way along the mountain road, and the scenery on the road was very charming. May is a good season for outdoor activities. After an hour of trekking, we came to a large meadow with small yellow flowers. My friend and I decided to rest here for a while, drink some water and eat something to replenish our stamina and move on.

After resting for half an hour, we moved on. After our hard work and the spirit of not giving up, we finally reached the top of the mountain and achieved today's goal. In this pleasant journey, this backpack is simply a surprise. This backpack can easily hold an extra set of clothes and a lot of equipment. The shoulder straps are comfortable and easy to carry, and the Bearing System will not feel sultry for a long time. There is also a yellow rain cover at the bottom of the backpack. I like this backpack. This backpack is as good as its reviews and even more.AWESOME HIKING BACKPACK!

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