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Best selling 40L Trekking Backpack 5812

Perfect for day hike, camping and trekking. This backpack is impressively practical for shorter treks,there's a wide color selection to fit any hiker's style.If your torso is longer than 52 centimeters, then Mountaintop recommends you seek a different pack.

40L Hiking Backpack 5832

Recommended by Mountaintop Two-day packs:For a pack you’ll take camping over a weekend, a capacity of 40 to 65 liters is common. These mid-size packs work for carrying a small tent, along with other gear you’ll need for a couple of nights. You can fit some cool weather gear in a pack of this size.

Bester großer Rucksack

65L Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

There’s a great array of internal and external storage space and pouches meant to make packing this bag a breeze. The sleeping bag and main compartment, in particular

60L Hiking Backpack with Rain Cover 6012

This bag works great for backpacking from city to city where other luggage would be cumbersome.

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